Hi, my name is Brianna Shelly and this is my second to last semester at Hillsborough Community College where I am studying mass communications. Prior to HCC, I attended Florida SouthWestern State College in Fort Myers, FL. I chose mass communications because I enjoy writing and researching new things. I have lived in Florida my whole life but have moved quite a bit in the area. A big goal of mine is to travel more, but instead of staying in Florida, I would like to go outside of the country, more specifically to Europe. I really enjoy being outside and staying active as well as trying new things. One thing I really like about living in Tampa is all the sporting events that are offered such as the lightning hockey games. I anticipate blogging about ethical standpoints or maybe something sports related. I think it would be interesting to also talk about music or travel as well since those are also topics I am passionate about.

Blog 4

For my interview, I faced multiple challenges to even conduct it. At first I was going to interview my grandma but was informed it cannot be a family member. I then chose to interview a professor I’ve had, but found out he retired so there was no way to contact him. I originally selected my grandma because she inspires me and the interview would be easy to conduct because I have lots of contact with her. I found it difficult to turn the interview so that it could not be bias whatsoever, since I already know so much about her and she is family. I also found it difficult to quickly reconfigure my interview considering I had changed it to someone else. I prepared by writing out questions in advance, I feel as if there was only so much preparation to do because of the situation. Overall, I think despite the challenges it was a good way to know what to expect in the future of trying to conduct interviews.


When thinking about who to interview, it is so easy to think of big celebrities and influencers even if we have no clue who they actually are. This got me thinking of the people around me and who might influence me on an everyday basis. So if I had the chance to interview anyone, not to be sappy, but I would interview my grandma. The reason why I would interview her is because quite frankly, I dont know how she does it. Everyday she gets up with a positive attitude, still works full time, takes full care of my great-grandparents, does so much more and I’m not sure how she still stays sane. She is there for everyone in my family, including myself, always helping with advice and has always been a big role model for me. I would ask her how do you remain so positive and what keeps you going? She is also the most active grandma I have ever met and someone who has the same interests as me. We travel across parts of Florida for cool trips, we’ve gone indoor skydiving together, concerts, you name it. I would ask her what her favorite trip has been and where she would like to go in the future. Lastly, I would ask her about her upbringing. She grew up in a small town in New York where my great-grandfathers family moved from Italy. I would ask her what it was like and what her grandparents (all from other countries) were like since I never got the chance to meet them. I think it would be cool to know how her upbringing may have been different because of mostly Italian, German, and Polish influence.

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